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AriOS 4 64-bit released

Many users asked for a 64-bit version of AriOS 4, and now it’s available for immediate download. The 64-bit version is identical to 32-bit version in terms of apps and features.


NOTE: Some users are reporting that they are greeted by a blank, gray screen specially when running AriOS inside a virtual machine. If you face such a problem, follow the instructions in this post.


How to fix the gray screen bug

Some users have reported that they cannot boot AriOS properl.

If you encounter such a problem and see a gray screen instead of GNOME, simply switch to a virtual console by pressing Alt+Ctrl+F1. If you are booting inside Virtualbox, use HOST key (usually right ctrl) +F1.

Then run:

sudo killall Xorg

sudo stop lightdm

sudo start lightdm

This should get you into GNOME.

Poll: Are you happy with GNOME Shell as default desktop?

I need to know if AriOS users are happy with  GNOME Shell as the default desktop. We are starting to work on AriOS 5, so please help me get more feedback so that I can make better decisions:

Are you happy with our decision to use GNOME Shell as the default desktop?

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If you want to elaborate on your answer, don’t hesitate to leave a comment too.

AriOS 4 Final is Out!

I’m happy to announce AriOS 4.0 Final has been released. Built upon the solid base of ubuntu 12.04 LTS, AriOS comes with GNOME Shell as the default desktop, carefully modified and enhanced using a number of extensions to offer a better and more familiar user experience.

AriOS is not just yet another ubuntu remaster. It comes with a slew of features, some of them unique to itself:

  • A beautiful, productivity-oriented desktop session using Avant Window Navigator + Compiz/Metacity.
  • A script to auto-detect Nvidia Optimus chips and install Bumblebee software
  • GUI to turn on/off auto-mounting of partitions at boot
  • A handpicked selection of multimedia, graphics and office software


Default desktop:


AriOS Session (with AWN)


And Unity session:


AriOS uses ubuntu repositories as well as a number of trusted, well-known PPAs. So it is 100 percent compatible with ubuntu and could be easily upgraded to later versions. It includes latest updates from ubuntu repositories until October 5, 2012

You’ll find everything you need in AriOS 4.0. Web browsers, image editors and organizers, a powerful office suite, multimedia players and graphics editors. Please note that Adobe’s Flash player has been removed from AriOS as it’s non-free software. We want to stick to free software principles so we do our best not to include non-free software by default. Users can easily install Flash player, either by clicking the “Flash Plugin Installer” on the desktop or by running: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree in a terminal.

Important package versions:

  • Linux kernel 3.2.0-23
  • GNOME Shell 3.4.1
  • Firefox 15.0.1
  • Thunderbird 15.0.1
  • Libreoffice
  • VLC 2.0.3
  • GIMP 2.8.2
  • Chromium 20.0.1132.47
  • Choqok 1.3
  • Virtualbox 4.1.12

and much more!

Download 32-bit version

Download 64-bit version

Breathing a New Life into AriOS

After failing to release AriOS 4 final on time, I was very disappointed and project was in a dormant status for several months.
But a nice and energetic developer nemed Mehdi Beygi recently joined me and Hamid and he’s been doing very well during the recent weeks.
Mehdi has moved our old code to Bitbucket and now we have a GIT repo thanks to his efforts.
He has also revised the code and fixed a number of bugs.
Right now we have a working build system and we can build our 32 and 64-bit flavors pretty effortlessly.
The list of apps and third party repos is also ready so nothing should be able to keep us from releasing shortly.

If you are a developer you can join us at to contribute code or report issues.

AriOS 4 Final On the Way

Just a quick note to let our loyal community know that AriOS 4 Final will be available for download shortly after Ubuntu 12.04 release. We are going to wait until the first major update though,  as ,traditionally, there are bugs in any release of Ubuntu which are fixed with the very upgrade that follows a final release.

Obviously this happens because way more people download the final release compared with the beta images, so ironically a more thorough testing and bug hunting happens AFTER the final release.

This way we’ll make sure our users will be immune to any release-time bugs.

In the meantime make sure to write to me if you have any last-minute  ideas ;)

Announcing AriOS 4.0 Beta (Based on Ubuntu 12.04)

First, I should sincerely apologize to all our loyal users for such a long delay. I was very busy and although I had almost finished my 11.10 remix I couldn’t release it.

Now I’m very happy to announce AriOS 4.0 Beta, based on the upcoming long-term support (LTS) version of Ubuntu.

Although both Ubuntu 12.04 and AriOS are in Beta, I consider this release a very stable and robust system, as Canonical has done a great job on making Precise stable and bug-free.

AriOS comes with the latest updates from the Precise development branch up to March 26, 2012.

In this release we offer a great array of the latest and greatest free desktop environments.

Like before, AriOS comes with it’s own proven desktop layout, based on GNOME 3 and the awesome Avant Window Navigator.

The default AriOS session uses compiz as window manager and falls back to Metacity on systems without accelerated graphics drivers (AriOS-2d).

Also available are the latest versions of Unity, Gnome-Shell, Unity 2D and Gnome classic (fallback).

Multimedia playback and flash work out of the box, and you have a choice between Firefox and Chromium for web-browsing.

The wonderful social client Choqok is also installed, making your social experience in Twitter and a great pleasure.

For your graphics needs, the GIMP, Inkscape and Blender are installed.

There are many more apps and tweaks that you should see for yourself.

Summary of major packages:

Linux Kernel

GNOME 3.3.92

Unity 5.8.0

Firefox 11.0

Chromium 17.0.963

VLC 2.0.1

Virtualbox 4.1.10 (with extensions pack)

Synapse 0.2.10

Download AriOS 4.0 Beta

AriOS 4 Development Update

Development of AriOS 4 has begun since a few days ago. The list of features and apps has almost been finalized and we are now tweaking the desktop and ensuring everything works.

On our to-do list we have around 53 tasks to be done before the release. Seems too much, doesn’t it? :)

Hamid is working on the build script (for converting ubuntu ISO to AriOS) and he has made a few changes. I’m adding my own comments and suggestions to the code.

The bad news is that AWN is no longer actively developed. The indicator applet for AWN hasn’t been updated and therefore there are some minor problems which Hamid is trying to solve. It seems that AriOS 4 will be the last version shipped with AWN and we have to use something else for future versions.

We have also plans for writing a couple of extensions for Gnome Shell but it depends on the help from a good friend and whether he can set aside time :)

Regarding the default applications, I’ve prepared a list of high-quality apps to be included in AriOS. More details on that will be posted later.

I’m being convinced that we need a bigger development team. I’m looking for new developers to join us as Hamid cannot do everything alone. If you’re a developer, we’ll be glad to have you in our team. Just send me an email and we’ll discuss things.

AriOS 4 and Challenges Ahead

Yesterday I talked to Hamid about AriOS 4 and we are going to start the development shortly. I’ve already collected ideas and feedback I received after releasing 3.0.1. I highlighted a lot of points and organized them as tasks inside a todo list. The list is growing every day and items are added as I come across cool apps and tips and receive more emails.

One question everyone is asking is this: Unity or Gnome Shell? Now I can tell you that we will go for the latter as we find it more usable, more consistent and more productivity-oriented. However, it might not be our default session. I’m considering a custom session (probably based on GNOME Fallback) which resembles AriOS 3, as I think it’s now well-established and quite popular among users in our small community. I’ve received many emails applauding the current setup and desktop layout, so I really love to stick with it and make it better through incremental changes.

However,this highly depends on what will happen to Avant Window Navigator. AWN is the basis of our desktop experience and we, like many users, are worried about its current status. The project appears to be dormant and there are not a lot of updates as there used to be. AWN Testing PPA for Oneiric hasn’t been updated, and the version provided by official Ubuntu repositories does not support the current version of indicator applets.

We’re going to wait a bit more, and I really hope we don’t get disappointed about AWN.  If we do, we will have to consider other alternatives.