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AriOS 3.0 Final is Out!

I’m very happy to announce the release of AriOS 3.0 Final, a complete operating system based on Ubuntu 11.04.
In this version the focus has been on providing a better set of default programs, more polish and a more consistent look and fill accross the system.


Noteworthy points and changes in this version:

-No Unity! Unity has been removed as I think it still lacks a lot of features and customization options.

-Downgraded compiz. AriOS comes with compiz 2:0.8.6-0ubuntu9.2.1 to avoid the problems reported about the new version shipped in Natty.

-Sessions: You can choose between 3 sessions at login: AriOS, AriOS-2D and Gnome Classic. The default session (AriOS) uses compiz as window manager, if your video card is capable of running compiz and you have the proprietary drivers installed (Nvidia & ATI). Otherwise it will revert to AriOS-2D session which uses Metacity for managing windows.

-Alt+F2 shortcut has been re-assigned to Synapse, the smart, semantic launcher. There are 3 ways to summon Synapse: pressing Alt+f2, pressing Ctrl+Space and using the “Run Command” button in the main menu.

-Offline driver installer: This is a utility meant for computers with poor or no internet connection. It installs proprietary drivers (Nvidia, ATI, Broadcom STA, etc.) It should only be run before any software is updated, added or removed. To use it run “AriOS Driver Installer” from the “Administration” menu or type “driver-install” in a terminal. (Many thanks to for helping me to make this work.)

-Multimedia codecs and two powerful media players (VLC and GNOME Mplayer) for playing all kinds of audio and video files as well as video DVDs.

-Evolution replaced by Thunderbird.

-LibreOffice has replaced


New Additions:

Clementine: A powerful, feature-rich music player which looks like the famous Amarok 1.4 series.

Angry Birds: A very popular game which you can play directly inside Chromium web browser even while you’re offline!

Choqok: A very powerful and easy-to-use Twitter and client.

Openshot: A video editor

Gnote: A good note-taking application. t has replaced Tomboy.

GShutdown: A simple utility for scheduling shut-down and reboot.

Geeqie: A very fast and light-weight image browser and viewer.

Uget: A download manager that can use aria2 for downloading files.

Skype: Make quality voice calls.

Super Boot Manager: A utility to modify Grub, Burg and Plymouth.

Boot Repair: A utility to backup and recover Grub.

Slingshot: A new launcher (like the one in gnome-shell)

Known Issues:

-Sometimes indicator applets won’t show up in the top right panel due to a problem in indicator applet for AWN.

-On some very rare instances, gnome-setting-daemon dies and themes and icons won’t appear correctly. Logging out and back in or killing and restarting the gnome-settings-daemon solves this issue.



Please note that some elements in the screenshots are specific to the Iranian edition.



Download The International Edition:

Download The Iranian Edition:



Many thanks to my dear friends Sasan, Ali and Forud for their great help and support.

8 comments for “AriOS 3.0 Final is Out!

  1. July 5, 2011 at 5:37 pm

    Will you be working on a 64-bit version?…or would you mind emailing me the tweaks and customization’s that were made so I may try to build one for personal use? Thank You ! I believe your OS rocks…..

  2. July 6, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    Hey, I can’t download, your server seems to overload. Anyway can someone share the Arios latest icon theme. I have an untweaked theme, but Arios’ is way cooler. Thaks

  3. July 12, 2011 at 11:29 am

    I have an idea!
    Instead of releasing two variants (Iranian & International edition) release only International edition with .deb installer that would turn it into Iranian edition!!!
    Isn’t it GREAT!!!!!!

    • July 12, 2011 at 11:41 am

      This would add an extra step for Iranian newbies. We aim at a fully out-of-the-box experience. But your idea is a very good one as anyone would be able to covert the International edition to the Iranian one (for example when they have downloaded it mistakenly).

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